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DDoS protection

A prerequisite for web hosting is that you are protected from hacker attacks. What are DDoS attacks? DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service. In a DDoS attack, the server or a website is overloaded with many requests. The server then becomes very slow or even stops the service completely. This is an intentional overload. Cyber ​​criminals set up botnets by controlling other computers unnoticed. This malware is then used for DDoS attacks. The larger a botnet is, the more effective the attack can be. Servers or websites that do not have active DDoS defense are very vulnerable and quickly overloaded. Many offshore web hosts offer active DDoS protection. In particular, KoDDoS has specialized in professionally fending off DDoS attacks by using the latest technology and a highly qualified team of security experts.

There are different forms of DDoS attacks. They can be classified in the OSI model for network protocols (OSI 7-layer model). Many attacks take place on layers 3 and 4 (network and transport layers): TCP SYN, floods, DRDoS. DDoS attacks can be personal or caused by someone scanning the internet. Through a DDoS attack, the attacker often causes economic damage and damage to the image of the operator. Before you decide on a hoster, you should be clear about what kind of website you are running. There are areas of the internet that are more exposed to DDoS attacks. If you want to host a HYIP, for example, you are certainly exposed to a higher risk. You pay a little more for good DDoS protection, but it's worth it for peace of mind from hackers and spammers. Since the number of DDoS attacks has increased significantly in recent years, this aspect is becoming increasingly important when choosing a suitable offshore hoster.

There are various techniques to ward off DDoS attacks. Here is a list:

  • Apache Mod Security
  • Apache Mod Evasive
  • Mailserver Flood protection
  • TCP/IP SYN Flood
  • TCP/IP ACK Flood
  • TCP/IP Fragmented Attack
  • ICMP echo request
  • UDP Flood Attack
  • DNS Attacks
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