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When you decide to start your own website, one of the first decisions is what name to choose for the domain. The name should describe the company well. Especially when it comes to search engine optimization, the name plays an important role. It should contain keywords that you want to be found with. The domain extension also plays a role here. You can choose between international domains such as .com, .net, .org or country-specific domain endings (.de = Germany, .at = Austria, .ch = Switzerland). The language of a website and the associated ending have a positive effect on the search engine ranking. If you opt for a country-specific domain extension, you usually need to be a resident of that country. Some web hosts also offer an escrow service, which makes it possible to choose a domain extension even though you are not resident in this country. You can also consider this option if you want to remain anonymous. The hoster/trustee is then entered in the Whois of the domain. It is easier with international domain extensions. Many hosters offer privacy protection, which also makes the Whois entry anonymous. Especially with multilingual websites, it can be more advantageous to connect the respective language with the domain ending of the corresponding country.

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International domain extensions

  • .com: The .com extension is for commercial offers. Registration is possible worldwide for private individuals, companies and associations.
  • .net: The .net ednung applies to providers and network operators. Here, too, registration is possible worldwide for private individuals, companies and associations.
  • .org: The .org extension applies to organizations or non-profit organizations. This extension can also be registered by anyone worldwide.
  • .info: The .info extension applies to information offers, whereby registration is also possible for people and companies all over the world.
  • .biz: The .biz extension applies to trade and business. The .biz domain can be registered by companies and persons or institutions worldwide - but only for commercial use.
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Country specific domain extensions

  • .eu: EU Europe
  • .de: Germany Germany
  • .at: Austria Austria
  • Austria Austria
  • Austria Austria
  • .ch: Switzerland Switzerland
  • .li: Lichtenstein Liechtenstein
  • .it: Italia Italia
  • .nl: Netherlands Netherlands
  • .es: Spain Spain
  • Great Britain Great Britain
  • .fr: France France
Country specific domain extensions
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