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Offshore Hosting Bitcoin

There are now many cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the most well-known currency. Bitcoin has been around since 2008. The rise in the price on the stock exchange is particularly noteworthy. With With an issue price of just a few dollars, bitcoin has already reached highs of over $60,000. With Bitcoin, many computers are networked with each other. payment transactions processed using special software. You manage your coins through a virtual wallet, this is called a wallet. Wallets are always encrypted and have a unique identity. Only the ID of the wallet is required for payments. Name and address data are not required, so anonymous payments are also possible. So if you order a hosting package with Bitcoin, you do not have to enter your personal data. Some offshore hosters even offer special bitcoin packages where you can can even remain anonymous to the hoster. All Bitcoin transactions are stored in a large, encrypted database, the blockchain. A large The difference to conventional currencies is that the rate is not determined by banks or other organizations.

Offshore Hosting Bitcoin
Offshore Hosting Bitcoin
Offshore Hosting Bitcoin

There are 2 ways to get Bitcoins yourself:

Wallet / virtual wallet

You can simply top up your wallet at a retailer (e.g. Coinbase), with the Bitcoin at the current dollar or Euro exchange rate is changed. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are also traded on the stock exchange. Cryptos are particularly popular with speculative investors because they are subject to relatively high price fluctuations and thus high profits are possible.

Bitcons mining

Another way to acquire bitcoins would be to mine them yourself. This is called mining. The total number of bitcoins available is 21 million. currently are already mined approx. 17 million coins. In mining, highly complicated arithmetic tasks have to be solved. Powerful hardware is a prerequisite. There is even special hardware that is optimized for mining bitcoins. Bitcoin is currently being criticized more and more because the creation of Bitcoins is very consumes a lot of electricity and resources and also has a negative impact on the environment. Once all bitcoins have been mined, one can assume that the bitcoin will increase in value in the long term.

Anonymous hosting

Many offshore hosters accept Bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies such as Etherum or Ripple. This enables the ordering process and payment to be processed quickly, and Hosting packages are activated within a few minutes. Bitcoin is ideal, especially if you value anonymity.
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