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Offshore hosting NetherlandsOffshore hosting Netherlands

There are many offshore hosters in the Netherlands. The laws and guidelines for website operators are more liberal there. Holland is in Europe and therefore has good connections to the Internet backbone. You can expect fast servers and state-of-the-art technology. The Netherlands is known for the largest Data Interconnection HUB, with over 10% of the world's traffic. Amsterdam is the capital for XXX hosting. With 26% of all adult sites, the Netherlands is only surpassed by the USA with 60%. If you have movie sites, streaming sites, Adult sites or gambling etc. wants to host, the Netherlands is the best location in Europe.

Many hosters offer effective DDoS protection. DDoS packages usually cost a little more, but you can still get hosting packages at a reasonable price in the Netherlands. Many hosters accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies if you want to remain anonymous. If you want to host offshore and don't want to do without any luxury, you are well advised to to choose a Dutch hoster.

Offshore Hosting Netherlands

Netherlands DMCA ignored hosting

Most offhsore hosters in the Netherlands are DMCA ignored hosters. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a US law that protects copyright. 1998 President Bill Clinton signed the Senate into passage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Service providers or providers may infringe copyrights that users caused by images or texts shall not be held liable, provided that these are removed immediately after being informed. DMCA protected material is for private use only purposes and further distribution is prohibited. Actually, the DMCA only applies to the USA. If you host on a USA server, the prosecution for copyright owners is included violations are relatively easy. In order to be able to apply this law as a service provider, certain requirements must be met. The important thing here is that content that violates the guidelines violated must be removed as soon as possible after being notified.

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