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Panama is also a popular country when it comes to hosting a website offshore. There are some providers in this area who have their headquarters or their servers in Panama City. The telecommunications infrastructure is very well developed in Panama. Panama is connected to America, Europe and Asia by fiber optic cables. There are also no earthquakes in Panama. So you can expect top quality web hosting. Hosting anonymously is also no problem. The websites of the providers are mostly in English and Spanish. In addition, Panama is a secure democratic country whose economy is based on the US dollar.

We ourselves rented a VPS server from Offshoreracks a few years ago and were very satisfied with the speed and support. In Panama you can run an anonymous website and expect good quality. Hosting in Panama is also popular in the HYIP scene. You can also set up a limited company there (also anonymously) and run a company/website completely legally, which would not be possible in Germany.

Panama is really a good tip if you want to host your site offshore.Panama is state-of-the-art and especially if you run a website where you want good DDoS protection, you will find some web hosts here that specialize in professional DDoS protection are specialized. Otherwise, some laws in Panama are very liberal. HYIPs, for example, are allowed there, which is not the case in Europe and many other countries. HYIPs are of course dubious, but if you want to run such a website, Panama is the ideal location for hosting. In Panama you can also set up a limited company, some service providers offer this service. So if you were a Ltd. Incorporate in Panama, with an anonymous trustee and a Panama mailing address, one would only need to comply with the laws of Panama. Another advantage of running a company in Panama is that there are no taxes on income that comes from abroad. There is only a small language barrier. You should be able to speak English or preferably Spanish.

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