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OrangeWebsite DDoS protected Hosting

Offshore Hoster OrangeWebsite

OrangeWebsite's roots date back to 2006. Two Scandinavian Internet specialists offered web design and marketing on a freelance basis. Became fast It is clear that web hosting plays an important role in this. It wasn't that easy to find a suitable hoster for the customer's websites, so we set up our own server rented to host the created websites of the customers. Gradually, the enthusiasm for web hosting grew, so that even own hosting scripts were developed, to further improve the service. The Orange website then officially went online in 2009, with a server center in Reykjavik. We want high-quality and secure web solutions for customers worldwide Tobe offered. OrangeWebsite is a freedom of speech web host. Sensitive content can thus be published without having to expect censorship or harassment. Man specializes in clients where privacy, anonymity and security are important.

OrangeWebsite has a large customer base from over 100 countries. Since the past has shown that it can be difficult to find the right hoster, great importance is attached to to offer customers the best possible service. There are strict requirements that the servers are always up to date. In order to be able to really keep the promised performance, Unlimited hosting packages are not used, as this is ultimately unrealistic. You don't get annoying advertising emails either, you're only contacted when it's necessary. There are no setup fees or hidden costs. Upgrading a package is also free. In addition, a 30-day money-back guarantee is included with every hosting plan. Furthermore, the shared hosting packages are relatively cheap. The popular cPanel is available for managing the web space. There are over 300 scripts for WordPress, Drupal and Boonex. OrangeWebsite offers the following hosting products: domains, shared webspace, VPS servers, dedicated servers, reseller hosting. Anti-DDoS Service. The website and customer support are only available in English. The very good support can be reached by mail or ticket 24/7/365. The location of the server center is ideal for visitors from Europe and America. to Both continents have a fast internet connection with a ping of 30-40 ms.

In summary, OrangeWebsite is an interesting offshore hoster with very good services and competitive prices, which attaches great importance to the protection of privacy. The many excellent ratings that can be found on the Internet underline that this is a competent and experienced offshore hoster.

OrangeWebsite reviews
Web hosting in Iceland -

OrangeWebsite advantages

  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 99,9% server uptime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • anonymous hosting
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • 100% green energy
  • free SSL
  • cheap prices
  • cPanel
  • freedom of speech hoster
  • DDoS protection
  • cryptohosting
Web hosting in Iceland -

Privacy and security

The protection of privacy is taken very seriously. For orders you only need an email address, otherwise no further information is required. It would then also not be possible for hackers to to get more personal information. Many hosters store their customers' data in large databases. However, if such a database is hacked, sensitive private data (credit card, name, tel.) be read out. A team of specialists is responsible for security, who always install the latest software and import the latest patches. Additional protection against hackers offers two-factor authentication. As with online banking, the password is sent to you by mobile phone or email every time you log in. The connection with the control panel and email traffic is protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate. If connections are protected by an SSL certificate, it is not possible for hackers to read data. Another A plus point with OrangeWebsite is the anti-DDoS protection. Here, too, there is an extra team that constantly monitors the systems and uses the latest techniques to ensure professional to ensure DDoS protection. With regard to customers, no information is generally passed on to third parties. You can also pay with Bitcoin if you want to remain anonymous.

100% green energy

The server center is operated exclusively with green energy. There are many resources for green eco energy in Iceland. The hosting industry uses a lot of energy and thus contributes to environmental pollution.

Payment methods

OrangeWebsite relies primarily on Bitcoin to ensure privacy through anonymous payments. You can also pay with Paypal and Western Union or by bank transfer if you contact support beforehand.


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